Central Ontario Agricultural Conference ~ Plan to attend the Equine portion March 4 in Barrie! Speakers themes are Husbandry, Welfare, Behaviour & FEEL - Equine Therapy! ~ Click to go to website!
MHCO ~ Proud Member of the Miniature Horse Club of Ontario. The MHCO provides information & opportunity for Miniature Horse enthusiasts in Ont. Join us today! ~
MHCO - Miniature Horse Club of Ontario Participants ~ Congratulations to a few of my students. You learned a lot, had fun, & took home a few prizes. So very proud of all you each accomplished this summer! ~
~ Fun with Wellspring Equine ~ Every session we do something different - experience various situations with our horses and make unforgettable memories
~ Simplicity Riding ~ Wellspring Equine - Private Lessons Only - Children, Youth or Adults.
~ Simplicity Training ~ We teach and guide. You do the hands-on training.Training your horse nurtures your relationship as a team ~ you learn intimately as you journey together.
~ Wellspring Equine Welcomes You ~ Simplicity with Horses. Experience tranquility, connection and riding horses with confidence.
~ Simplicity Driving ~ Discover the pleasure of driving miniature horses!
~ Simple, Private Facilities ~ All lessons are by appointment only. Our location is provided on an "as needed" basis to ensure the comfort and privacy of our clients
~ Simplicity Horse Behaviour Consulting ~ Wellspring helps to decipher your horse’s body language and get to the root of the behavioral issue. We guide you both as a team, past the concern.

Welcome to Wellspring Equine

Embarking on the horse world or looking to experience a richer relationship with your horse? 

Wellspring will make your new or continuing horse experience simply delightful!

Having horses in your life can truly make every day brighter and provide a person with a deep sense of relaxation and fulfillment. 

  • They help us enrich our sense of empathy and increase our social and leadership skills;
  • Spending regular time with horses promotes physical activity, reduces stress levels and helps to lessen symptoms associated with anxiety and depression;
  • Horses help us learn to live in the moment and appreciate our immediate and future moments;

Horses allow people to re-focus and re-connect with what is truly important on a personal level. By their mere presence beneath our fingertips, horses make us release our concerns and feel better able to face daily challenges.

Wellspring Equine excels in teaching about horses and allowing clients to ask questions, explore their understandings and enjoy interacting with horses in unity, from a ground relationship and from the horses back. 

Come to Wellspring Equine for a taste of what horses can offer your life.

Wellspring's Mission / Q & A


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Featured Services

Wellspring Equine loves to teach and to share knowledge about horses. Improving their welfare can only be positive to all involved!

Lessons include driving miniature horses and horse knowledge instruction . Learn how to drive a horse for pleasure purposes, safely and with confidence

Starting a new or young horse? Wellspring helps you start your young horse with confidence! A precise start ensures finest welfare & reduces wastage.

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February 22nd, 2015

Beginning with a viable pregnancy, the care of the mare from her 3rd trimester to parturition, & continuing with both the mare and foal to weaning.

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Imprinting is the natural establishment of behaviour patterns that emerge in a newborn with recognition of, and desire to be with, another.

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  • " My learning with Wendy began with clinics in First Aid, Feeding and Nutrition and Behaviour. I quickly realized what a gifted horsewoman and teacher she is. Having just started caring for horses at my... "

    5 Stars
    Isabella R. - Wyvale ON

  • " This review comes from our 6 year old. Tori has learned so much working with Wendy, and she counts the hours till her next lesson. Wendy has a special gift for making people feel comfortable around... "

    5 Stars
    Tori B. Holland Marsh, ON

  • " AWESOME fun yesterday! Learned so much at Equine Health & First Aid Workshop presented by Wellspring Equine. Thank you Wendy Eagle and Maple Hill Equestrian for hosting. I'll definitely be attending m... "

    5 Stars
    Julie D. Barrie, ON

  • " I have been going for lessons for a little over 2 years now and I absolutely love it! The bond and love you share with the horses is so strong. And Wendy is very caring and understanding but is not af... "

    5 Stars
    Keegan W. - Lindsay, ON