Session Parameters ~ Therapy and lessons are always private and scheduled on a flexible basis. Schedule according to your needs and finances.
Horse Behaviour ~ Horse Welfare ~ Learning about horses never ends, as everyday they teach us more. How can you provide the best environment & training techniques to keep your horse well?
Classroom Workshops ~ Props, equipment, workbooks and our model horse Delilah help to make our classroom workshops hands on fun and informative!
Equine Facilitated Therapy ~ Sessions are geared to the individual. Its not about us, but about the client and their needs. Bullied? Self Confidence low? Stress Issues? We want to help
Workshops ~ When the weather is nice, we welcome the opportunity to use horses for our hands on teaching!
Wellspring Equine Welcomes You! ~ Beginner or not, all are encouraged to get in touch, ask questions, attend workshops, take lessons, request private consulting or try EFT sessions.
Lessons ~ The first 6 weeks are on the ground with our horses to learn care, handling, safety & communication. Clients receive binders to keep & refer to in future.
Private Facilities ~ All sessions and lessons are by appointment only. Our location is provided on an "as needed" basis to ensure the privacy of our clients.

Wendy Eagle & Wellspring Equine Welcome You!

Providing Horse Knowledge Education & Horse Assisted Therapy

Wellspring uses science based information and research in all aspects of our services. We help people to "see" from the horses perspective - to comprehend what horses do and why, which in turn is the source of understanding how to communicate, build a positive relationship and connect. Whether horses or people ~ its really all the same technique when it comes to gaining Connection, Communication and Confidence with another...

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Education - Rescues and Horse Traders:   A paper to encourage education and understanding of Horse Rescues ~ intended to help people identify the difference between Horse Rescues and Horse Traders. 

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Lessons include riding instruction once confident ground handling is demonstrated. Learn how to ride a horse for pleasure purposes, safely with confidence

Relaxing helps to calm breathing, slow movements & open hearts to life's possibilities. In this space, the potential of the individual can be discovered!

  • " I met Wendy Eagle shortly after I bought my first horse. While horses, as a rider, were not new to me, their stewardship as someone charged with their welfare most certainly was. Guardianship of my fi... "

    5 Stars
    Michael W., New Lowell ON (Consulting)

  • " Are all horses diviners? You seem to suggest that they are but only if we open the door. I know that practicum and theory are important to keeping my horses happy, but at the heart of it all, you keep... "

    5 Stars
    David H., Gilford, ON (One-On-One Consulting)

  • " I have taken a few workshops in the past year with Wellspring. Excellent information! Well worth learning from Wendy Eagle! Workbook and handouts provide lots of great info. I really enjoyed the cours... "

    5 Stars
    Sheryl C. Baxter ON

  • " What a blessing it was to find Wendy and her wealth of knowledge. My daughter bought a horse and I wanted to make sure she understood what she was getting into caring for this beautiful creature. Ha... "

    5 Stars
    Andrea W., Innisfil ON (Workshops, Horse Lessons)