Workshops ~ When the weather is nice, we welcome the opportunity to use horses for our hands on teaching!
Private Facilities ~ All sessions and lessons are by appointment only. Our location is provided on an "as needed" basis to ensure the privacy of our clients.
Session Parameters ~ Therapy and lessons are always private and scheduled on a flexible basis. Schedule according to your needs and finances.
Horse Behaviour ~ Horse Welfare ~ Learning about horses never ends, as everyday they teach us more. How can you provide the best environment & training techniques to keep your horse well?
Classroom Workshops ~ Props, equipment, workbooks and our model horse Delilah help to make our classroom workshops hands on fun and informative!
Equine Facilitated Therapy ~ Sessions are geared to the individual. Its not about us, but about the client and their needs. Bullied? Self Confidence low? Stress Issues? We want to help
Wellspring Equine Welcomes You! ~ Beginner or not, all are encouraged to get in touch, ask questions, attend workshops, take lessons, request private consulting or try EFT sessions.
Lessons ~ The first 6 weeks are on the ground with our horses to learn care, handling, safety & communication. Clients receive binders to keep & refer to in future.

Wendy Eagle & Wellspring Equine Welcome You!

Providing Horse Knowledge Education & Horse Assisted Therapy

Wellspring uses science based information and research in all aspects of our services. We help people to "see" from the horses perspective - to comprehend what horses do and why, which in turn is the source of understanding how to communicate, build a positive relationship and connect. Whether horses or people ~ its really all the same technique when it comes to gaining Connection, Communication and Confidence with another...

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Education - Rescues and Horse Traders:   A paper to encourage education and understanding of Horse Rescues ~ intended to help people identify the difference between Horse Rescues and Horse Traders. 

Featured Services

Lessons include riding instruction once confident ground handling is demonstrated. Learn how to ride a horse for pleasure purposes, safely with confidence

Relaxing helps to calm breathing, slow movements & open hearts to life's possibilities. In this space, the potential of the individual can be discovered!

  • " Are all horses diviners? You seem to suggest that they are but only if we open the door. I know that practicum and theory are important to keeping my horses happy, but at the heart of it all, you keep... "

    5 Stars
    David H., Gilford, ON (One-On-One Consulting)

  • " I met Wendy Eagle shortly after I bought my first horse. While horses, as a rider, were not new to me, their stewardship as someone charged with their welfare most certainly was. Guardianship of my fi... "

    5 Stars
    Michael W., New Lowell ON (Consulting)

  • " The clinic that was held here at Maple Hill Sat Oct 19th was very informative and a raging success. Our instructor, Wendy Eagle (owner of Wellspring Equine), is a amazing teacher and mentor. I highly ... "

    5 Stars
    Marion Z. (Owner Maple Hill Equestrian)

  • " Wendy is considerate, diligent, interesting, fun,a joy to be around and totally in love with her work with horses. You couldn't make a better choice if you need help with your horse.... "

    5 Stars
    David R., Churchill, ON